Lighter side: Lawyer attempts to bait date with subpoena

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A California lawyer has attempted to lure a woman for a date by issuing her with a subpoena.

Normally a subpoena is a document compelling someone to attend court as a witness, but the layer re-drafted the document in the hope of scoring a romantic date, according to Legal Cheek.

“For personal appearance, moderate consumption of beverages, grog and carbohydrates, and the voluntary participation in personal depositions,” the subpoena read, specifying the date and time for the meeting and giving options for rescheduling if the ‘subject’ already has a prior engagement.

“Disobedience of this subpoena is tactically impossible.  You may ignore this instrument with complete impunity.  Failure to obey this directive may result in regret, remorse and depression from the unmitigated loss of socially positive opportunities.”

The document was signed off by the lawyer, “Attorney, Economist, Professor and Billiards Player Extraordinaire”.

How could she possibly refuse?

While asking someone on a date by way of legal document is unusual, Legal Cheek pointed out in an article last week that last year, a London law student created a ‘Writ of Summons’ to ask a fellow student to a society ball.