EXCLUSIVE: Firm founder launches sassy how-to guide

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Former in-house counsel and NewLaw-firm-founder Sarah Bartholomeusz knows first-hand the legal danger company directors can unknowingly face when decision making.

After failing to cram her advice into a relatable two-page memo, she decided to write a book-long how to guide, How to Avoid a Fall From Grace, officially launched in New York this week and already available on Amazon.

“I wanted to make it relatable and memorable and fun,” Bartholomeusz told Australasian Lawyer.

“It’s got a bit of a sassy tone to it, rather than a legal text book or something very dry that you can’t get through the first two pages of without falling asleep.”

How to Avoid a Fall From Grace is a comprehensive navigation tool of the Australian legal system, relating specifically to directors and officers.

“It is important to remember that being a director of any company comes with certain obligations and may even give rise to personal liability for decisions made while undertaking this role,” Bartholomeusz wrote in the book.

“In order to feel empowered, leaders must fully understand their risk profile.”

Offering advice from a personal perspective, the book is a tool to educate leaders on legal risks in their business, understanding the risks, she said, is what will allow for more confident and mindful decision making.

“It’s a book about director’s duties,” she said.

“What my concern was that directors were going about their day-to-day duties without knowing what they were.”

Select Harvests chairman Michael Iwaniw said, “It's rare to find a book on this topic that is both comprehensive and readable.

How to Avoid a Fall from Grace manages it effortlessly, combining technical excellence with practicality and accessibility in one very helpful read.”

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