Forum: New laws mean Australia may deport thousands of Kiwis

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Thousands of Kiwis living in Australia are awaiting an outcome from John Key’s discussions with Malcolm Turnbull over the potential deportation of thousands of Kiwis who have done time in Aussie prisons. 

About 100 have already been sent packing.

Following the introduction of new immigration laws back in December, the Australian Lawyers Alliance president Greg Barns said that many people facing deportation have moved on with their lives and become strong members of the community.  Many also have strong ties to Australia.

Commenters on the Australasian Lawyer forums sounded off this week on the new laws.

Stephen questioned the difference between a kiwi and a convicted criminal from elsewhere in the world.

 “I don't understand the issue, how is NZ different from anywhere else?  Send them back if that's part of the law, maybe that will show up the problems with such legislation.”

Stephen on 29/09/2015 3:50:53 PM

Louise Steer commented that given the quality of life in NZ, the Kiwis should stop whinging.  After all, we did give them a chance to join as our seventh state and they declined.

“Being deported to NZ is hardly the same as being deported to a war torn country, for example. It's not as if they can't speak the language.  NZ is a beautiful country with a stable government and a peaceful way of life. It may not be as wealthy as Australia but it has opportunities for those who want them.  NZ long ago was offered the chance to join Australia as the 7th state and chose to remain independent.  The price of independence is to be treated as such by other countries.  It's not a fate to be dreaded!”

Louise Steer on 29/09/2015 4:18:05 PM

Best comment:

Natasha on 30/09/2015 11:56:30 AM

“New Zealand and Australia do have a special relationship whether you like it not - from ANZAC, TTTA and CER. Unlike Australia, New Zealand has not eroded the reciprocal rights of Australians permanently residing in New Zealand under the TTTA. Australia would be the first to jump up and down if New Zealand was doing this to its citizens. But there is a bigger picture here, and that is the very draconian nature of section 501 of the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) the visa cancelation provision. (a) its retrospective, (b) the definition of 'substantial criminal ties' has been reduced from 2 yrs to 12 months includes, consecutive, cumulative and/or sentences and (c) in relation to s501 (3) there is not right to seek judicial review of the Minister decision which is antithetical to the rules of Natural Justice.  Australia as a sovereign nation has the right to deport unlawful non-citizens, but the issue is the manner in which its being done (keeping people in detention centres for months) and the fact there is no scope in the s501 to deal with New Zealanders' who are long term residents of Australia with 15 or 20 plus years of living in Australia.  As the Criminal Bar Association has said, for those that came here as children/youth they are products of Australia and therefore Australia's responsibility.”