John Wakefield, 

Commitment to career development has been crucial to growth at Holman Webb, where nine staff members advanced within the firm in July.

“If we feel there is a gap in skills, we devise a career development plan with our employee and their supervisor in conjunction with our HR department, to work towards closing that gap,” says chairman John Wakefield.

“We have found this policy to assist in our staff retention. It lets the staff member know that we are committed to them and their career progression. “We have a formal policy which clearly outlines what is required to develop their career at Holman Webb.”

Flexible working, providing lawyers with a better work-life balance, has seen over 15% of the firm’s employees working part-time, having a shortened working day, or implementing arrangements to work from home. The firm also has formal wellness programs, which include exercise classes for staff. Wakefield says revenue growth for Holman Webb over the past 12 months has largely come from existing clients, particularly in the insurance, employment and health sectors. “This has been by expanding areas of advice,” he says.

“We believe that this is the result of the exceptional professional profiles of our partners in these areas and our commitment to raising awareness of our expertise, industry knowledge and experience through active business development programs.”

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