Women family violence offenders leading to prison expansion

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A spike in family violence offences committed by women is one of the factors triggering the expansion of Tasmania’s woman’s prison.

“We talk quite a bit in the family violence context about male perpetrators of family violence, but there are also some female perpetrators of family violence,” said Tasmanian attorney-general Vanessa Goodwin.

“Some of those are ending up in the prison system.

“Drug usage, potentially the involvement of ice, changes their offending profile so they are more likely to be involved in offences of violence.”

She said the prison system was sitting at 87% capacity.

But according to a report by the ABC, the union estimated that the average inmate number at the Mary Hutchinson women’s prison, which has capacity for 46 female inmates, was 52, higher than the average indicated by a Department of Justice spokesperson at 43.

The state government said on Thursday that it would spend $4.7m for 20 extra beds for the prison, and $700,000 in funding for Ron Barwick Minimum Security Prison.

“The Mary Hutchinson Women's prison has been operating at either full capacity or over capacity for at least the last six to eight months,” said Sarah Lovell from United Voice, who welcomed the funding.

Lovell said prison workers need assistance to cope with the changes.

“We would hope that the Government is matching any increase in funding that will increase capacity, with an increase in staffing to match that,” she said.
  • William on 10/09/2016 2:05:49 PM

    In response to Nikita’s statistics regarding the violence perpetrated in families.

    Whist attending the Royal Commission into child abuse in Sydney one of the lawyers raised the issue of that there were not many “vicitms” who reported the violence to the military prior to leaving or at the time of leaving. The bench remarked that the figures were “rubbery” . His Honour said that it took at least twenty years before a child vicim would come forward to report the abuse.

    Applying this twenty year delay to the figures provided by Nikita it is most likely that the majority of violence in the family is never reported and that there are few children that report the violence of their mothers towards them.

  • William on 29/06/2016 12:56:12 PM

    Reminds me of another case where the woman stabbed the man in the back. The man jhad the knife removed at hospital.

    The man declined to get the police to intervene and lay charges. He just wanted to walk away from the whole thing and get on with his life.

    One year later the man gets charged as the woman preferred charges.

  • William on 29/06/2016 12:50:16 PM

    Vanessa states:

    "... if the victim cried..."

    I understand that when a judge handed down a tissue to a crying woman that Chester Porter QC allegedly asked the judge "if my client cries will Your Honour treat my client just as favourably as the witness..."

    It is an issue that Judge's need to address. Those perjurous people who make out AVO's need to be jailed so that the system can work properly.

  • teddy arnold on 26/06/2016 11:56:28 PM

    This is a great article. I read a similar article on http://www.harperfinch.com.au/ that focused on jail sentences in Queensland.

  • Vanessa on 24/06/2016 9:45:03 AM

    I recently appeared to defend a male in the local court accused of Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm and a Breach of AVO (the Breach was from the AOABH - not duplicitous in NSW). The police and the court's attitude to defending the same was difficult, it is almost as if there is a presumption the male must be guilty. Being a female solicitor cross examining a female victim I believe that I was able to cross examine in an effective way and if the victim cried, I was allowed to continue whereas I believed a male advocate would have been much more restricted, and would not have been able to test the evidence of the victim to determine the motives to lie and the prior inconsistent statements. I tried in my submissions to suggest the victim was hysterical, which was a fair summation, but that is politically incorrect the Magistrate said "impassioned" was a better description. However, the female victim was caught out in her lies and the case was dismissed. After the case was dismissed the accused mother approached me and said that she could not believe that the victim had brought the domestic violence charge as her son was the usual victim. She showed me the scars on her sons head arms and back and she frequently ran at him with knives and machetes. I asked the accused why did he not bring up domestic violence against her, his response was it is not his way. The victim in this case had tried to bargain with him offering to drop the AVO if he gave her money. The new politically correct environment is causing unforeseen consequences.

  • wiliam on 23/06/2016 3:02:17 PM

    I think some of the feminists and accusers on this website should come down to the Royal Commission Level 17 Mac Tower and hear the testimonies of the men who were raped and sexually assaulted by homosexuals in the Defence Force.

    Just as feminazis make all kinds of hate filled accusations the extreme homosexual make the same and similar comments.

    Defence has acknowledged the maltreatment of women and gays but still fails to acknowledge the substantial offences committed by criminal gays in the military.

    Left wing feminazis and gay extremists want you to think that their part of the community is untainted.

  • William on 23/06/2016 1:50:25 PM

    Nikita states:

    “Please don't accuse me of making up statistics and then (more or less) agree with me!”


    “William saw that as an opportunity to suggest women are responsible for more family violence than men, which simply isn't true.”

    Clearly the statistics even those supplied by Nikita reveal that the violence of women in the family is significant but that is not what the feminazis are saying. They refuse to acknowledge the existence of female violence.

    But, where does the language come from “accuse” and “saw an opportunity”? (This is supposed to be a non-hate language discussion so accusations of motives and intent shouldn’t be imputed…fair dinkum…)

    I “saw no opportunity”, but I laid the contra-evidence on the table. That evidence made the points that feminazi’s don’t acknowledge. Bear in mind that feminazis have a hate filled requirement to characterise men unfavourably and present women as saints.

    I did not say that women are responsible for more violence than men. I indicated that in some areas women are more violent than men.My evidence said that men's groups have assessed the violence committed by men and women is about equal.

    The figure provided by Nikita (not previously supplied) are worth considering in the context of all the other statistics.

    The historical underreporting of violence by men and the over reporting by women has a significant impact on the overall figures.

    Perhaps, the most recent example is demonstrated in the case of former footballer Hassem El-Masri who won his case because he had recordings of the misbehaviour of his wife.

  • Simon Munslow on 23/06/2016 8:34:49 AM

    The Tasmanian AG needs to talk to the AFP in Canberra, and also Queanbeyan Police in NSW. I have referred a male victim of violence to each in the past, and both have been dismissive of the male, adopting the view that female domestic violence is a contradiction in terms. Serious re-education of Police is I believe, called for.

  • Nikita Robertson on 21/06/2016 12:09:28 PM

    Please don't accuse me of making up statistics and then (more or less) agree with me!
    Here's the statistics I found:

    "From the ABS Personal Safety Survey 2012
    Around 17,000 people aged 18 and over were asked, in private, about their experience of violence since the age of 15.
    It shows that one in 11 people (1,927,900) have been subject to violence by a partner since the age of 15 — the breakdown is one in six women (1,479,900) and one in 20 men (448,000).
    That means that of the total victims of partner violence since the age of 15, 23 per cent were men and 77 per cent were women.
    NSW police statistics for 2014-15 showed that 69 per cent of domestic violence assault victims were female.

    The Victorian Royal Commission reported that in Victoria, three quarters of victims in family violence incidents attended by police were female and 77 per cent of perpetrators recorded by police were male."

    So it looks like male victims may be somewhere between 20 and 30%.

    Plus I was talking about partner to partner violence only, the majority of victims are still women in partner to partner violence and women are most often in greater physical danger from men than vice versa.

    Hey, remember I the one who posted in support of your post agreeing that both men and women can be violent and anyone who thinks otherwise has their head in the sand. William saw that as an opportunity to suggest women are responsible for more family violence than men, which simply isn't true.

  • william on 21/06/2016 11:56:33 AM

    Paul, thanks for clearing up the head in the sand issue as I was in agreement with Nikita. Sometimes its difficult to distinguish tongue in the cheek from seriousness.

    Thanks for taking the time to consider both sides of the argument.

    Yes, one in three website is good to understand these issues. They indicate that there are approximately one man murdered by wife for every two women murdered by husband. There are other figures that reveal a ratio of about 3.4 to 1 where more women are murdered by husbands. (This is perhaps the area where Nikita obtains her 80 to 20 percentage ratio she hasn't indicated her source.)

    In the large scheme of things, though the most serious, murders to not form the largest amount of instances of violence in the family unit. (the amount is in the hundreds per year)

    That men are assaulted by women is agreed but until recent times men have under--reported assaults and have been silent victims. Perhaps the reasoning involves the ridicule received from police when men report these crimes and the automatic and wrongful assumption that the man is the perpetrator and initiator of the violence. (In some countries where a report is filed of domestic violence police on the scene are required to automatically handcuff the man; no such requirement to handcuff the woman.

    The recent removal of provocation causes problems for offenders as in a deteriorating family scene provocation can occur over a number of years. Perhaps, if provocation was made a stand alone crime then those wo start assaults both physical and/or psychological can be stopped at the earliest possible stage of violence.

    Some figures show that there has been an increase of 194% in men taking out AVO's indicating that police are now realising that men are entitled to justice as well and that many women have escaped prosecution for violent activities in the past.

    The contributors in this discussion are starting from at least an open-minded position where contributors are not hiding the fact that violence is committed by women. (Thanks Nikita, usually these kinds of discussions are dominated by feminazis who write without any acknowledgement of female culpability or accountability)

    Some of the dialogue on the men's websites consider the complex issues involved and balance out the gender traits and statistics to find that men and women are about equal in the perpetration of violence in the family.

  • Paul Kenna on 20/06/2016 6:14:38 PM

    Nikita My head is not in the sand but my tongue may be in my cheek.

    There is some good reference material in the "one in three" website whose submission to the Royal Commission was received and ignored by the Royal Commission.

    But lets not get carried away with making up statistics. I suuggested 25% male victims Nikita says 20%. So why are they to be ignored - its either 1/4 or 1/5th of the population.

    Male victims are in "less physical danger" - what total rubbish. Where is your evidence? While one woman is currently killed in Australia each week from family violence - a terrible disgrace for a community like ours - one male dies from family violence every 10 days.

    Again on both sides of the gender battle there are male family members killing men and female family members killing females but in the vast majority the perpertrator is of the opposite sex.

    Unfortunately we dont record all this data - so officially we dont know - but some of the facts seem to oppose the current feminist philosophy that the record keepers seem to believe in

  • william on 20/06/2016 4:53:07 PM

    Dear Nikita

    domestic violence erpetrated by women against children amounts to 86% of the domestic violence against kiddies in the earliest reports. and in the 6.4% of families that have violence 17% of women lash out at their men in the first 12 months where only 8% of women lash out at their women.
    Also the qute about three times more women killing their loved ones obviously is an idicator of the level of family violence committed by women. Finally, the majority of murderers wh kill children in the home are women.

    Clearly those figures show that women are the more violent in many areas.

    Hoiw come you only look at the violence perpetrated by men against women? Why havent you looked at the matter from all perspectives?

  • Nikita Robertson on 20/06/2016 3:39:36 PM

    Well let's not get carried away; the statistics universally show that domestic violence perpetrated by men (around 80%) far outweigh that perpetrated by women (around 20%). And male victims are in less physical danger than female victims. Plus I think you'll find that quote is a misquote - women who kill (the minority of killers) are 3 times more likely to kill a family member than men who kill.

  • William on 20/06/2016 1:19:45 PM

    If anyone was watching the tv show "Women Killers" last night you woud have heard at least twice from the commentator the statement that:

    "The FBI reports that women are three times more likely than men to kill someone that they love".

  • William on 17/06/2016 11:31:38 AM

    Thanks Nikita for your comment.

    It does not surprise me that the usual reign of feminists are not commenting on this issue. The strategy of feminism for the most part is to remain silent when it comes to matters that are negative to women.

    It is sad to see that fundamentalist feminists for the most part are so biased that they can’t get their blinkers off.

    In the case of Family violence it makes complete sense that all perpetrators need to be examined as they all form part of the one cohesive “ family. To merely bash up one offender based on sex is an example of bigotry and is a method that can not repair the family.

    That most of the violence against the children in the family is perpetrated by the mother is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. The mother that is violent clearly nurtures children with the potential to hate and leaves those kiddies in a dysfunctional state.

    That most of the community remains in a state of mere assumption that only men are violent in the 6.4% of families that have incidents of violence only allows the violence to increase and do its damage.

  • William on 7/06/2016 5:50:56 PM

    The decision of the Victorian Royal Commission flies directly in the face of all the evidence. Whilst I haven’t read up on the Commission I believe that the workers at the coal face know what the reality is;namely that there have been more women charged with domestic violence and they need to be locked up.

    The difficulty with Royal Commissions is the narrowing down of terms of reference and in may cases Commissioners exclude investigation of areas that others believe should be investigated.

    The upcoming Defence Roayl;Commission will likely exclude investigation of Defence Lawyers, Judges and police in terms of corrupt behaviour.

    I have in other blogs supplied figures revealing that women are in some areas more violent than men and those figures found their source from ABS, Anglicare and other reputable bodies.

    The current men and boy bashing advertised by respect.gov.au never pictures women as the perpetrators of domestic violence and this bias reveals how feminists and others have distorted reality.

    The next perversion to be on the lookout after the next election will be the ALP or Liberal government demanding thet boys and girls will need to share the same toilets at school so that transgender kids aren’t discriminated against. If that gets through it is clear that there will be many children left confused and disaffected.

    My advice is to seek out minor parties (definitely not teh Greens) who are in tume with the majority.

  • Nikita Robertson on 30/05/2016 11:41:48 AM

    (in response to Paul) Really? You've got your head in the sand if you think women can't be violent; of course they can.
    It would be hard enough for male victims to come forward without that kind of denial.

  • paul kenna on 25/05/2016 11:17:22 AM

    There must be something in the water down in Tassy - Here in Victoria we just had a Royal Commission into Family Violence and the Commission basically dismissed the idea that women could be perpetrators of family violence, and in such rare occurrences that it occurred it was an over reaction to violence initiated by men. Yet the commissions own report indicates that over 30% of respondent to Family Violence Intervention Orders in Victoria are female. While some of the applicants here will be other female family members, approximately 25% of family violence is directed at men. The welcome resources that the state government is now providing for victims is gender based - additional resources for male perpetrators is welcome but what about male victims?

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