Virtual keypad for lawyers launched

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Just two months after a keyboard for lawyers was showcased at the world’s largest consumer technology show, another keyboard has been launched for lawyers tired of how complex writing briefs could be.

A company called Juristech has launched the Citepad, the first virtual keypad designed for legal professionals. The software floats over word processing programs, allowing lawyers to insert words, phrases, and symbols commonly used in legal documents with a single click.

The keypad also allows users to toggle between italic and underline formatting with a single click, LawSites reported. It also integrates with WestlawNext Copy with Reference and Lexis Advance Copy Citation to Clipboard.

According to LawSites, users can insert the following via Citepad:
  • id.
  • ibid.
  • see
  • see id.
  • accord
  • but see
  • but see, e.g.,
  • see, e.g.,
  • see generally
  • see also
  • cf.
  • but cf.
  • contra
  • e.g.,
  • π
  • §
  • Em-dash
  • En-dash

The software currently only works on Macs, but Juristech is working on a version for Windows machines and iPads. It can be used with Microsoft’s Word, Apple’s Pages, Apache’s OpenOffice, and Google’s Docs.

The release of the Citepad comes after the LegalBoard was showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. The physical keyboard also allows legal professionals to insert commonly used symbols, words, and phrases in legal writing.

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