Three questions lawyers need to answer on the way to being resilient and confident leaders

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What does leading with resilience and confidence look like? For Dentons partner Louise Massey, it’s captured by the following set of traits.

“Leading with resilience and confidence is being able to overcome, adapt, and learn from challenges you may encounter,” she says.

One must also be confident and positive in their mindset, secure that they can fall back on experience, capability, and a team that can offer support, she says. This type of leadership can also be seen in people who understand what is important, are effective communicators, and who are working towards a common purpose, she says.

Massey says that the road to being a confident and resilient leader begins with identifying three groups of information.

“Identify your strengths and weaknesses, evaluate your support structure, and identify what you are seeking to achieve,” she says.

Massey will lead a workshop at the upcoming Women in Law Summit, helping attendees better understand and practice leading with resilience and confidence. Registrations are open for the packed event, which will be held at The Westin Sydney on 7 August.

Events like the summit are important since they enabled women to openly share and talk through their experiences and learn from each other in a supportive and positive environment.

Louise Massey