The happiest professions revealed

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According to a new book released by Paul Dolan, a UK economist and behavioural professor, only 64 percent of lawyers are happy.

The book, Happiness by Design reveals that the happiest workers are florists and gardeners; with nearly nine out of ten saying they are happy. 

Bankers were some of the least content workers, with only 44 percent reporting that they are happy.

Professor Dolan said more research is needed to find out why some people are happier in some professions than others, but hypothesised that a defined output may make employees in some professions happier.

“If you are a florist, you have social interaction, you are seeing the fruits of your labour, and getting it quickly.  That's in contrast to banking and lawyers, where it is unclear where you can get that feedback, and people are not probably very thankful for what you do,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

He also noted that some people choose jobs that they think will make them happy because of pay and status, but later discover that these things do not afford them the satisfaction they expected.

Happiness rates by occupation

Florists and gardeners 87%
Hairdressers and beauticians 79%
Plumbers 76%
Marketers and PR people 75%
Scientists and researchers 69%
Leisure and tourism workers 67%
Construction workers 66%
Doctors and dentists 65%
Lawyers 64%
Nurses 62%
Architects 62%
Child care and youth workers 60%
Teachers 59%
Accountants 58%
Car workers and mechanics 57%
Electricians 55%
Caterers 55%
HR and personnel staff 54%
IT and telecommunications workers 48%
Bankers 44%