Sydney start-up firm eyes national and global expansion

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A Sydney-headquartered law firm has revealed bold expansion plans for both its Australian and international footprint.
Since opening in 2011, KWS Legal has added another two offices; opening in Jerusalem in 2013 and in Melbourne earlier this year.
The firm, which was moulded around the concept of a start-up business, has also grown from just two lawyers to a staff list of more than 33 in that time.
Speaking with Australasian Lawyer magazine, KWS Legal senior partner Michael Kadoury explained that firm has even further growth plans for 2015.
“Within the year we’re hoping to have a full national firm,” Kadoury says, listing Adelaide, Darwin, Perth and Brisbane as locations where the firm will soon be opening.
In Jerusalem, where Kadoury is based, the firm has advised clients in the start-up space in relation to the commercialisation of technology, and also works on cross-border matters between Australia and Israel.
KWS has negotiated and overseen 12 % of the annual trade from Australia to Israel, and 5% of trade from Israel to Australia.
The firm is in the due diligence stage of acquiring a French-Israeli property law firm. The two firms are now working in the same office, and after the acquisition the total KWS headcount in Israel will be nine full-time employees.
Further international locations are also on the cards, with New Zealand and American offices to be launched in the next year or so, and opportunities in France, South Africa and the UK also being explored.
Kadoury has previously told Australasian Lawyer online that KWS’ point of difference and secret to success is born from the workplace culture and approach to clients and employees.

The firm is built around a concept of family values, which always comes first.
Furthermore, almost every one of the staff in the practice is also from an entrepreneurial background.
“My approach to business is to treat the law firm like any other technology start-up. The advice I give to our clients I give to ourselves, and that’s what we’re doing,” Kadoury says of the firm’s expansion plans.
“Now the balance is keeping our culture and our core values intact as we grow.”