Study reveals key attribute for making partner

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Study reveals key attribute for making partner
A new academic study has revealed a trait that is more prevalent in partners than in other lawyers. It’s also generally more common in other professions than in the legal sector.
Leeds University psychology post-graduate Edward Walker studied both lawyers’ and non-lawyers’ responses to the High Potential Traits Indictor which tests aptitude for leadership roles.
The former legal recruiter found that non-lawyers generally scored higher than those in the profession due to their willingness to accept uncertainty and risk.
However, law firm partners were found to be more likely to handle ambiguity and risk than other lawyers, suggesting that those that have those traits may be more likely to make partner.
Other findings, reported by Lawyer 2B, include male lawyers being more competitive on average than female counterparts.
Dentons expands capital markets practice in Hong Kong
Enoch Wong has joined the capital markets practice of Dentons as partner in Hong Kong.
He joins from Skadden and specializes in capital markets and corporate finance matters including IPO and M&A activity for both domestic and international clients.
Wong’s appointment is part of the firm’s strategy to strengthen and grow its capital markets practice in the region.
City firm goes ‘super agile’ with 2-day office week
London law firm Schillings is taking the concept of agile working to a new level by only expecting its lawyers to be in the office for two days a week at most.
The firm, which specialises in media and privacy matters, introduced agile working four years ago and has recently scrapped fixed desks for lawyers as part of an office refurbishment.
Lawyers can book particular desks for the days that they are in the office and can also work in the firm’s new coffee shop.
Judge LOL’s as he passes sentence
A man found guilty of assault and ignoring a court’s sentence of community service was jailed by a judge with the abbreviation for ‘laugh out loud’.
David Newlands from Glasgow was sentenced to 150 hours of community service but refused to carry out the unpaid work and boasted on Facebook “I’m out bro, easy”.
Newlands, who is now serving an 8-month sentence for a separate offence, was jailed for an additional 9 months by Judge Norman Richie at Glasgow High Court who told him “As they say, LOL.”