Social media may boost client demand – survey

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Social media may be used to boost client demand and there may be untapped potential particularly due to low adoption in law firms, a survey has found
A new Bloomberg Law survey, the first Labour and Employment Practice Benchmarks Report, recommends social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to be used as “business development activities.”
It also found that nearly a quarter of labour and employment lawyers say their firms aren’t using any social media service, suggesting the area may be ripe for utilisation.
According to Bloomberg Law, law firms report they at least occasionally use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for marketing and business development, networking and client tracking.
Nonetheless, the study also noted that more than half of firms say they do not curate their social media networks nor do they require attorneys to monitor their personal pages.
The only occasional use of social media platforms for business development may be due to the fact, however, that law firms report lack of time as the most frequent challenge to business development activities. Other business development challenges reported were finding new leads, converting clients from one business area to another and tracking business development and marketing.
There also seems to be area for improvement in terms of other technology use, at least for the labour and employment segment which the study focused on.
For example, in knowledge management, the study found that firms rely mainly on paper documents and email attachments when sharing information and knowledge internally and with clients.
Bloomberg Law also noted that while virtual meetings and cloud storage are “fairly common, other options such as instant messaging and cloud-based collaboration aren’t often used.

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