Paws for thought as lawyer enters dog house

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As part of ‘In the Dog House’, an initiative run by the RSPCA, Mills Oakley Canberra partner Vince Sharma will be taking up residence in a dog kennel next month.

A number of sporting and media personalities, politicians and members of the business community will spend a day in a dog kennel at the RSPCA’s Weston shelter.

Sharma said he hopes to be able to get through some of his normal work but said the practicalities may be challenging.

“Depending on fundraising performance, participants are allowed to have ‘treats’ during the day – it remains to be seen whether that includes Wi-Fi and a power outlet!” Sharma said.

The RSPCA currently provides services including an animal cruelty inspectorate with two full time inspectors, an animal shelter that cares for over 7,000 animal each year and a rehab program for around 2,200 injured or orphaned wild animals.

“I’ve worked with the RSPCA, both on a formal and on a pro bono basis for over 15 years,” Sharma said.

“Animal welfare is a cause I am passionate about and I have a tremendous admiration for the work performed by the RSPCA, not just locally, but nationally.”

The program, which takes place on the 4th of March, will raise money for the RSPCA’s animal welfare programmes in the ACT.

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