Newly established lawyer orchestra announces second performance

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The Sydney Lawyers Orchestra will perform their first winter concert next week.

Established by Corrs Chambers Westgarth partner Thomas Jones last year, the orchestra will perform for a second time on Wednesday at Ferguson Hall. 

Comprised of lawyers from all across the profession, Jones, a former full time violinist, said the orchestra is designed to be an inclusive creative outlet.

“I think all of us have a creative side which I think often looks for an outlet and as we know the profession of law can be challenging and it can be very all consuming,” said Jones.  “I think people look forward to having an opportunity to do something different where they can work together and create something.”

In addition to playing pieces by Mozart, Handel and Telemann, the orchestra has added a never before heard piece by Sydney lawyer, Anthony Sissian.

“We’re finishing off with a great piece by Mozart which is the overture from the Abduction of The Seraglio, where I should add that we have a guest appearance from a Supreme Court judge playing the triangle,” said Jones.

Jones said he hopes to get around 25 of the orchestra’s musicians performing on next Wednesday.

“We do it throughout the year because it’s not just about the concert, it’s really about the comradeship and about having this outlet through the year where we can get together and make music,” he said.

The orchestra will perform their second Christmas concert later this year.