New software to revolutionise legal research

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Four and a half years in the making, Lexis Advance was launched last week to offer firms smart device compatibility, share functions and improved research capabilities.

Simon Wilkins, executive director customer experience (sales and marketing) for LexisNexis Pacific said that Lexis Advance has a number of new features that will make research tasks significantly more efficient for lawyers. 

The new software is compatible with smart phones and uses more sophisticated algorithms to increase accuracy.

“Because of the efficiency tools there are throughout the platform, we would see it as really heightening the competitive edge that we’re giving to firms that take on Lexis Advance so they can spend more time helping their client’s needs,” he said.  “The platform really works in a responsive design sense, you can get it on smart devices – it will give you the same experience no matter what screen you are using.  The idea being that a lawyer can access this anytime, anywhere.”

Wilkins said that the new way of backtracking research is particularly efficient for lawyers, who are often interrupted during their day.  The software shows a map of how the research progressed, making gaps easy to identify.

“For senior lawyers, it will help guide junior lawyers through the research process because they can review and through the research map see that kind of graphical representation of how the research has been put together,” he said. 

The program will allow users to easily share information.

“Collaboration is key within legal firms; Lexis Advance now has collaboration functionality in the way that it works in a folders system that can be shared among users in the same firm which is pretty ground breaking,” Wilkins added.