New Members of the Law Council Executive named

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New Members of the Law Council Executive have been elected at the November Directors’ Meeting of the Law Council of Australia.
For 2017, the newest Members are President Fiona McLeod SC, President-elect Morry Bailes, Treasurer Arthur Moses SC and Executive Members Pauline Wright, Konrad de Kerloy and Geoff Bowyer.
“We are determined to make further ground on access to justice issues, on improving diversity within the profession, on Indigenous incarceration, on rolling back the death penalty globally, and on much else,” said McLeod.
She said that Stuart Clark AM, the outgoing president, has been an exceptional president.
“Stuart has been an exceptional President. He has led an impressively broad range of Law Council initiatives both in the interests of our profession, but also on behalf of the public interest. He has raised the profile of our organisation amongst the profession, the media and political decision makers. For that, the incoming Executive is extremely grateful,” McLeod said.
“The ball is now rolling on so many issues of vital importance for the Law Council in 2017 and I know the new Executive is eager to build on this momentum,” she added.
Clark noted how the Law Council is blessed with an “extraordinary depth of expertise and talent, saying it has been a real honour to serve as president of the organisation in 2016.
“Serving as President of the Law Council of Australia is a great honour and I thank the Board and our Constituent Bodies for allowing me that opportunity. It has been a pleasure working alongside such a collaborative and committed Executive and Secretariat this year, and I am glad to see continuity among the senior leadership group,” said the outgoing president.
He added that he has the utmost respect for McLeod and that he is very much looking forward to watching her advance the Law Council’s mission next year.
“I am certain the Australian legal profession will be well served by its national voice in 2017, and those who lead it,” he said.

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