Melbourne firm relaunches a virtual one

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Melbourne law firm KKR Lawyers has relaunched as Arro this week with a new online offering.

A fully online service, founder Simon Reid told Australasian Lawyer that the new system allows the firms lawyers to service young, entrepreneurial and techie millennials who’d rather engage with a firm differently from the traditional model.

“What Arro does in particular is create gateways on a website to allow customers to interact with us online and create products that they can purchase from us online, without having that traditional need to sit down and meet with us on a face-to-face basis,” Reid said.

“They can pay online, have the product developed and sent to them online, in a way that’s slightly different from what we see as the traditional offering of the old style law firms and even in relation to virtual law firms.”

Rather than a legal online library, like some virtual firms, five-lawyer-firm Arro provides a whole legal service online.

“We’re looking to assist start-ups in the narrative of their growth by offering these basic documents online together with the opportunity to subscribe and engage with us and provide effectively mentoring through the stages of their legal journey.”

Users can speak with a lawyer instantly through an online chat, accessing critical information such as terms & conditions and privacy policies, all on a subscription-fee basis.

“We’re looking to create a different market place and a place for customers to feel comfortable with the law so that they’re not feeling those traditional feelings of angst about what things are going to cost or being treated as though they don’t know anything and perhaps people being a bit dismissive of them,” Reid said.

“Really what we want to do is create an environment that allows customers to get [advise] in a way that they want to experience the transaction.”