Man out to prosecute Brexit-lying politicians now has a team of lawyers

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The British man who has crowdfunded over £145,000 to prosecute politicians who had lied about Brexit now has a team of lawyers for the cause.
According to a report from Business Insider, Marcus J. Ball has hired a legal team for the crowdfunded campaign #BrexitJustice.
Ball – who has interestests in higher education reform, politics and start-ups – is said to have has hired the services of London-based law firm Edmonds Marshall McMahon (EMM) for the cause.
After a run of 28 days, the campaign raised £145,270 of its £100,000 target from 4,913 backers on the Crowdfunder site.
The campaign is interested in bringing cases against Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage.
The #BrexitJustice campaign will “prosecute dishonest Brexit politicians and bring integrity back to British politics,” according to the campaign crowdfunding page.
One of the campaigns objectives is to “prosecute vote leave leaders based upon fraud, misconduct in public office, undue influence and, possibly, inciting racial hatred.”
Initially focused on politicians campaigning for a leave vote, the campaign now aims to prosecute politicians whether they campaigned for leave or stay votes so long as they lied.
“If Brexit Justice is really about truth in politics then we need to investigate dishonesty on both sides of the political divide. If we can build strong cases against political leaders from both leave and remain camps then we will prosecute both leave and remain camps,” Ball told Business Insider.
He added that the shift is a “far better way forward,” according to his solicitors, as it will “strengthen our case before the courts.”
Nonetheless, he cautioned backers that it would be “very difficult” to win, but not because of a lack of effort. To bring cases against Westminster, however, Ball said he would need to raise at least £2m to sustain a drawn-out legal stoush.
Ball has also crowdfunded for a £30,000 salary because he will work full-time on the campaign.

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