Lockout law debate stakeholders’ meeting called in a shift of strategy

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A meeting of lockout law debate stakeholders was called by Deputy Premier Troy Grant on Tuesday as the government may be shifting its strategy in preparation for the release of former high court judge Ian Callinan's review of the sensitive legislation.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald’s Sean Nicholls, the meeting may signal a shift in the government’s strategy by appearing more consultative than they were in the greyhound racing.
Attendees left the gathering with the knowledge that the government won’t be responding to the report in any haste, even as the review was promised to be published, the report noted.
This is in contrast to Grant and Premier Mike Baird announcing the closing of the greyhound racing industry soon after the special commission of inquiry’s report was published last month.
Furthermore, another possible signal the meeting is sending is that Baird and Grant know how difficult it would be to implement recommendations to ease restrictions if ever they are made by the Callinan review, Nicholls’ noted.
Nonetheless, it’s pointed out that Baird is adamant about not giving ground to possibly more lax rules citing data said to show alcohol-related violence dropping due to the laws.
Opponents of the laws are still heavily campaigning against the regime even as supporters including emergency room doctors and the Kelly family are fighting to even extend the laws’ reach to more areas in New South Wales.
Nicholls pointed out that Baird and Grant are in a tough place. They will face backlash either way whether the laws are relaxed or even widened in scope.
“This time around, Baird and Grant appear to relying heavily on public reaction to Callinan's report to guide their decision,” Nicholls wrote.
“It's apparent that Baird and Grant are dreading this decision, perhaps more than any other they have faced in their two years at the top,” he concluded.

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