Lighter Side: Supermarket in shallot water

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A Queensland lawyer is suing Woolworths after she slipped on a shallot whilst shopping in the supermarket.

Olga Day, claims she slipped and injured herself on a rouge shallot because a demonstration table set up by the shop was blocking her view, Roll on Friday reported.

Day, who is representing herself in the proceedings, has made an application to the Brisbane District Court, requesting an inspection of the floor including slip resistance floor tests, testing the trolleys and investigating the potential danger of those loose shallots.

She also wants access to the Woolworths CCTV system, although the manager of the store said there is no footage of the event as the particular area in which the incident occurred, is not covered by CCTV cameras.

The presiding judge dismissed large parts of the application but has ordered that the grocery chain provide some information containing policies in regards to slip hazards.