Lighter side: Saudi Arabian lawyers create hilarious A-Team parody video

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A group of Dentons lawyers working in Saudi Arabia have put their talents together and made a short parody video of The A-Team opening.
Complete with theme song, low budget 80s imagery and the comedic style the decade was known for, it’s obvious these lawyers were huge fans of The A-Team and knew the show inside-out. The clip even includes the team’s own Howling Mad Murdock who has a habit of eating memos and beating his desk with a shoe.
The Denton office is found in Riyadh and boasts two partners and a team of lawyers from the US, UK and Saudi Arabia. Some of these are featured in the clip. A partner from the firm’s Jeddah location also makes a cameo in the post-credits scene.
With great pleasure, we provide the clip below. As Mr T would say, “I pity the fool who doesn’t watch this video!”