Lighter side: Lawyer gets in a train station cage

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A lawyer from a virtual law firm has spent the morning in a cage in a busy tube station in London to kick start a strange recruitment drive, metaphorically questioning whether trekking into the office is really what lawyers want to be doing, when they could be working from home in their pyjamas.

William Robins, chief operations officer at Keystone was reportedly in a leather-bound lawyer office cell, told reporters, “We want to reach out to those lawyers, we want to set them free, and if the only few seconds they have to think about their career is on the walk from the station to the office, then that’s where we need to be”.

Keystone, which launched in 2002 and adopted an alternative firm structure 11 years later, has 160 lawyers on their books but is always looking to add new recruits.

“It’s not just about numbers,” Robins said.  “The real focus is quality. We want to be the first choice for all entrepreneurial partners who don’t want to jump out of the frying pan of their current firm and into the fire of another traditional firm and by doing so we can ensure every Keystone lawyer is a highly respected practitioner.”

Legal Cheek reported that Robins snuck out of the cage after about an hour and was then replaced by an actor.