Lighter side: Judge sentences man to daily tweeting

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A Spanish judge has found a way to revive the old school punishment of writing out lines by ordering a man to tweet the judgement made against him every day for 30 days.

Two rival consumer rights groups got into a bitter row after one group alleged that the other had sent hundreds of defamatory tweets over a two year period.

The tweets falsely alleged that organisation was responsible for fiscal fraud, corruption and theft against its rival, Legal Cheek reported.

As well as paying out over €4,000 in damages and deleting the posts, the offender was sentenced to tweet the ruling once a day for 30 days, an appropriate punishment according to the judge who said that as the damaging tweets were readily available to the public, then so should the judgment.

Tweets must be sent with the original twitter handle and during prime twitter time in Spain – between 9am and 2pm or 5pm and 10pm.

According to reports, the judge even stipulated that the tweeter must use a tool created to increase the tweet’s character allowance such as TwitLonger to publish the full judgement on twitter.