Lighter side: Insta-famous lawyer posts video of unusual court prep

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The legal world can be notoriously slow on the uptake on new technology and when it comes to social media, it’s is virtually non-existent.

But one Queensland lawyer is busy bucking this trend: he’s gained over 2,000 Instagram followers by Instagram-ing himself at the gym and taking selfies outside of court.

If you’re picturing the buff, Gen Y-type, think again – because that’s precisely what makes his slow-mo squat videos all the more amusing.

Final prep for court tomorrow. #Squat #Squats #120kg #6setsof6 #Brisbane #Queensland #Australia #Lawyer #Solicitor #Attorney #Lift #DoesYourLawyerEven #InHouseGym #FearFactory

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It’s Andrew Wiseman, principle of Wiseman Lawyers, a firm specialising in driving offences.
“I'm trying to have a bit of a laugh and show my personality,” he said.

“When I'm not keeping people out of jail I'm just like everyone else.

“When I go into the courtroom I have got my game face on and I am playing for sheep stations.

“But I do make stupid jokes at the bar table to my clients, even if they are almost a certainty of going to jail because they don't need to feel any worse, they know they did something wrong.”
According to CQ News, the Brisbane lawyer prides himself on going to every courthouse in Queensland.
“Facing loss of licence? Or worse? Make no mistake. We are deadly serious about keeping you on the road & out of jail,” reads the firm’s Instagram bio.