Lighter side: Chief Justice rejected for jury duty

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The US Chief Justice reported to a county court in Maryland earlier this week.

US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts turned up for jury duty on Wednesday as ‘Juror 49’ in an automobile negligence case being heard at the Mongomery County Circuit Court in Rockville, Maryland.

The Chief Justice was not asked to reveal whether or not he worked in the legal profession, but when asked if he had friends or acquaintances that dealt with automotive accidents, he volunteered that his sister’s husband was an Indiana State Police officer but that it would not keep him from being impartial.

Along with the other potential jurors, he was asked to identify any potential conflicts of interest and reportedly volunteered that his sister is a nurse but that her profession would not impair his impartiality in a case involving someone in the medical field.
The Chief Justice was not selected to serve on the jury.

This is not the first time that a US Supreme Court judge has been called for jury duty. Roberts’ colleague Justice Elena Kagan has reported for jury duty on several occasions, the Washington Post reported.