Lighter side: Attorney a YouTube sensation

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US attorney Bryan Wilson caused a YouTube sensation last year when his melodramatic advertisements went viral. This year he’s back with another show-stopper. 

The self-proclaimed Texas Law Hawk is seen grabbing fish from a river with his barehands, busting down doors, tackling a police officer and jumping out of a moving car in this year’s instalment, which has had over 17 thousand YouTube views in just two weeks.

The Texas Law Hawk and tireless fighter for legal rights, offers ‘Aggressive Legal Representation’, according to his website

“Years ago, my peers in law school gave me a nickname for my aggressive advocacy tactics: the Law Hawk.  I am honored that the nickname and reputation have followed me since then.  Today, I still proudly follow a policy of fighting hard for my clients,” the website explains. “With dedicated vigilance and focused aggression, I treat each case like I’m personally facing the charges. And I don’t tolerate violations of my clients’ rights. Call or text me today if you want an aggressive criminal defense attorney.”

View his new commercial below.