Legaltech giant launches new consulting service

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LexisNexis has launched a new offering under the Lexis Legal Analytics suite.

Called Custom Analytics, the new consulting service identifies new and crucial insights into legal information and strategy that help law firms, in-house teams, the academe, courts, and government bodies make smarter, evidence-based decisions.

The service promises to give users an edge. Lawyers can, for example, become aware of how opposing counsel, the judiciary, a litigating party, or jurisdictions may behave and incorporate these insights into their strategy and preparation.

“This is particularly useful for in-house counsel, who will soon be able to cross-reference litigation data with operational data to assess the effectiveness of existing outside counsel, providing new ways to benchmark them against potential competition,” LexisNexis said.

“In-house counsel judgment and relationships will continue to be essential, but hard data can be a useful tool to inform decision-making, validate an outside counsel’s claims of experience, and to help explain why particular counsel was selected,” it said.

The new service can be used to report on panel firm selection and craft custom-built databases of specific judgments and outcomes of interest. It can also be used to check conflict of interest, historical court trends, and identify talent.

“This service expands the offering of Lexis Legal Analytics and will provide customers with added research capabilities powered by data and visualisation tools,” said Julie Austin, data analytics manager at LexisNexis Australia.

Simon Wilkins, the company’s general manager for Australia, said that the service evolved organically from work with LexisNexis clients.

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