Legal 'Webjet' launched to compare fees

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LawyerQuote, a ‘legal Webjet’, instantly comparing legal fees has launched.

The site hinges on a patented questionnaire, designed to assess a matter from the perspective of a lawyer, allowing the site to instantly compare legal fees in an ‘apples with apples’ approach.

Different to other online quoting systems, the assistance required is determined by a program, rather than what the client requests, which LawyerQuote said can be differently interpreted by different lawyers.

“There is nothing like LawyerQuote on the market,” said CEO and founder Melissa Sinopoli, pointing out that clients don’t always know what information is needed to provide a quote.

“They can compare not only on price but they can compare on location, whether you have any accredited specialists in that area, customer reviews, there is a series of other elements that they can make an informed decision on rather than just price.”

With over 100 types of matters available on the site, Sinopoli, a self-declared Gen Y lawyer from Queensland, believes that sophisticated online assessment of legal matters is the future of the legal industry.  Law firms need to continue to adapt to the changing way that clients access information online.

“Law firms are aware that they need to innovate and change and that there is a lot of disruption around that,” she said.  “Law firms are quite open to try new things online and we think this opens up law firms another avenue in addition to their traditional marketing.”

According to Sinopoli, the traditional way of quoting no longer fits the needs of clients.

“Gone are the days of people calling around for quotes for their legal matter, consumers today want online access to quotes for legal matters 24/7,” she added.

Launched in Brisbane in July, the site has already generated much interest and intends on expanding throughout the east coast in coming months.
  • Johnson on 4/08/2015 2:17:42 PM

    Might as well register WebMD as a proper GP.

  • Sceptic on 4/08/2015 11:54:54 AM

    Kate - I respect your idea, but think your words are just a cliche. What does "relate... on a personal level" and "meaningful, personable and commercial" mean? Are we saying client want their lawyer to say, "Look, there are some legal risks, but I think given your commercial objective, we advise you to run the gauntlet and take those risks."? I totally agree, THAT is what it means to be "commercial", but I've heard many clients complain about their lawyers not just sticking to what they're paid for because they think they're too good. How do you propose lawyers overcome this dilemma? Also, would professional indemnity cover a lawyer ADVISING their client in that manner?

  • Kate on 4/08/2015 10:51:10 AM

    Great initiative. However from my review of this website and others - it is extremely unlikely that any of my small business clients would know how to answer the questions required to receive an accurate quote.

    I've also found most clients want to talk to the lawyer and all of my market research suggests that the best clients want to be able to relate to their lawyer on a personal level and ensure that the lawyer's values align with theirs. This is more important than price and in any case will usually be more cost effective because you get a complete picture of the client's needs, their goals and create a strategy for them rather than simply processing legal services.

    So I don't think the answer is further distancing the connection between client and lawyer but rather to step away from the elitist, 'old boys club' culture of law and to actually engage with the prospective client in a meaningful, personable and commercial manner.

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