Lawyer launches precedent trading platform

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Anthony Jucha, principal at Jucha Legal will launch an online precedent trading platform on Friday, ‘Precedent Pool’.

The site provides lawyers with more choice when purchasing precedent by encouraging all lawyers to share their precedents on the site.

“Most precedent websites offer one document that is supposed to solve everyone’s situation,” said Jucha, adding that often lawyers don’t know what they are getting when they purchase precedents online.

“You don’t even know, often with a precedent, whether it’s been drafted in favour over one party or the other, if it’s one page or 10 pages.

“Most precedent websites will give you one precedent in each category,” Jucha added.

The site already has around 150 precedents for purchase but Jucha hopes more lawyers will add their precedents to the fully searchable pool.

“It’s an opportunity for practitioners to leverage their existing work,” he said.

“I believe in the role of the lawyer - and good drafting involves more than filling in boxes.  It starts with selecting the right precedent.”
The website will officially launch tomorrow at Sinch Launchpad.

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