Law student murdered in drug deal gone wrong

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Police have revealed details about the death of Shazim Uppal, who they found dead with several bullet wounds to the chest, in his car in a Delaware car park in August this year.

Police believe that Uppal was shot by Temple University School of Law classmate, Benjamin Rauf in an orchestrated drug deal.  Above the Law reported that the police believe Rauf was trying to rob Uppal of his marijuana.

“[C]ounty police said a “substantial” amount of marijuana had been found in Uppal’s car. On Wednesday, Setting said the amount was “excessive,” and that both Uppal and Rauf were players “in the game” of selling marijuana,” reported The News Journal.

Rauf, who has a prior drug related arrest, was taken into custody by New York police earlier this week where they recovered a gun matched to Uppal’s murder.  Rauf will reportedly face a first-degree murder charge when he is extradited to Delaware, as well as possessing a deadly weapon during the commission of a felony.