Law grad launches lawyer-proofreading service

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La Trobe law grad Jordan Lees has launched a proofreading business, because lawyers are excellent proof readers.

Previously a one-man-band, Lees saw an opportunity to expand the online business nationally and give lawyers a chance to earn extra cash.

“It offers a flexible, additional form of income,” Lees told Australasian Lawyer.
“All that is needed is a computer or laptop.

“This will provide lawyers and law graduates with an alternative income stream to help ease the stress of the tough job market for lawyers at the moment.”

He said that his business, Eagle Eye Proofreading, is cost competitive and as an online business, it has very few overheads.

“Compared to our competitors, our differential is that we genuinely are professionals. We proofread documents daily in our capacity as lawyers,” Lees said.

“This new concept just takes the legal side of things out of the equation and offers it in a proofreading context.”

It’s the commitment to confidentiality and the intricate understanding of the English language that makes lawyers ideal proof readers, Lees said.

“We are best suited to helping businesses and professionals due to the fact that we have a good working understanding of business documents,” he said.

“We understand the importance of confidentiality, which is often critical for many businesses. With that said, our attention to detail also places us in a good position to be able to help students with essays and theses.

“The service is aimed at anyone needing their work or documents proofread.”

Check of the services out here.