Law firm sees demand for more Chinese-speaking lawyers

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Injury & Accident Lawyers sees a growing demand for Chinese-speaking lawyers, prompting the expanding legal firm to exhibit at the recent Queensland Chinese Career Fair (QCCF) in Brisbane.
The QCCF was successful in advising Chinese students about possible employment opportunities in a wide range of professions including the law, says Injury & Accident Lawyers Practice Group Manager Paul Catchlove.
“Injury & Accident Lawyers is a major supporter of QCCF and one of the reasons we exhibited is to try and recruit some of the best future Chinese-speaking lawyers in response to a growing need, particularly in South East Queensland,” Catchlove says.
One of the largest careers and employment information exhibitions of its type, there were almost 2,000 participants at the third QCCF event this week at the Brisbane Hilton.
“There are more than 15,000 Chinese students in Queensland and a growing number are choosing to stay in Australia. Many are temporary residents seeking opportunities to add skills and experience for permanent residency or to improve their prospects when returning to China,” Catchlove notes.
However, the career fair was not just an avenue to attract talent but was also a way for the firm to get feedback on how it can provide systems and processes to support the training and formation of future lawyers.
“The QCCF was an opportunity to talk about our business and more importantly hear about the needs of Chinese students seeking employment in Australia,” Catchlove explains.
The veteran administrator notes that Injury & Accident Lawyers is proud of the fact its legal team are all multi-lingual and sees it as very beneficial to offering tailored services to clients in a multi-cultural country like Australia.

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