KWM helps ensure out-of-this-world exhibition lands in Qld

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King & Wood Mallesons (KWM) helped ensure that an out-of-this-world exhibition successfully landed in Queensland.

The firm advised Queensland Museum on what it said was the museum’s latest and largest-ever exhibition: NASA – A Human Adventure.

The exhibition, which is said to be the most comprehensive touring spaceflight exhibition ever, features 250 historically significant artefacts from the space programs of the US and the former Soviet Union. These include space suits, rocket engines, and full-scale replicas of spacecraft.

KWM said that John Swinson, a Brisbane-based partner, is particularly passionate about the work KWM is undertaking for the matter.

“It was challenging to ensure all the exhibits arrived on time for opening – especially the rocket fuel, which created interesting US export control issues during the Trump government shutdown,” he said.

KWM said that it secured the appropriate licenses and consent, including US export controls, to enable the exhibition to travel to Queensland. It said that it is also working with the museum to register trademarks for its key brands, including its interactive STEM space called SparkLab.

The exhibition runs until 9 October.