Judge orders monthly ‘Bambi’ screening for poacher

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A Missouri man will have to watch the movie “Bambi” at least once a month while serving his prison sentence.

Robert George, associate judge of the Lawrence County Circuit Court, added the movie screening requirement to a one-year sentence he handed down to David Berry Jr, who pleaded guilty in October to illegal killing, possessing, and disposing of wildlife, the American Bar Association Journal said.

Berry will also serve a further 120 days in prison stemming from a separate firearms probation violation case in another county.

David Berry Jr, his brother Kyle, and David Berry Sr, their father, have had their hunting privileges stripped for life.

Authorities believe that the family is responsible for the killing of hundreds of deer over a three-year period, by hunting out of season and using blinding lights. They also believed the group hunted for just the “thrill of the kill itself.” The Berrys cut off the animals’ heads and antlers, leaving the bodies where they fell.