Is your firm leading the pack in innovation?

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Law firms are expertly fostering inventive workplaces to improve efficiencies, a new survey has found.

Eighty per cent of legal services organisations now feel as though they have in place leadership and culture that supports the development of new ideas, according to the UK Innovation in legal services report. 

Among the creative workplace improvements used by firms is social media; with most legal services are now using social platforms to advertise their services and providing updates or free information.  

The report, which surveyed 1,500 organisations including 900 law firms and 156 barristers’ chambers, found that around 40 per cent of survey respondent said they have put in place practical steps to promote new ideas.

Attracting new clients and improving the quality of legal services were listed as the main effects of innovation in legal services.
Paul Philip, chief executive of the Solicitors Regulation Authority who commissioned the report told the Solicitors Journal that fostering new ideas helps to improve efficiencies. 

“Innovation drives growth in the legal sector as in any other,” he said.  “Our research shows that law firms and solicitors are capitalising on how the market is opening up by developing new ways to do business and offer more services.  A wider range of services in a competitive market can only be good news for the public.”

Solicitors were found to be more innovative than other regulated legal service organisations, and were also found to engage most actively with clients.