International firm outlines Australia game plan

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The latest international entrant to the local legal market unveils plans for its Australian offices.

Pinsent Masons’ move to open up two Australian offices has been driven by the firm’s clients, explained the firm’s new Australia head, David Rennick.  In line with areas of client interest, the firm will initially focus on infrastructure, supported by construction and dispute resolution practices. 

Rennick said the demand to service clients in Australia and Asian markets has been strong, with clients seeing the region as a growth area.

“A lot of our clients were saying, ‘well, what are you going to do about Australia, which is a really important market,’” he said.  “The reason we are coming in on an infrastructure basis is that it’s a growth area of the economy, not only in Australia but in Asia.  There’s going to be a lot of infrastructure development over the coming decade and it’s also what Pinsent Masons is known for.”

The Australian offices will focus on the firm’s international clients and major funders of infrastructure projects. With clients looking to regions for growth rather than specific countries, the firm’s Australian offices will be a significant part of its Asian business.

“We will be in all respects, part of our Asian business,” he said.  “You don’t just come and develop a domestic Australia business… this is very much about connecting with our Asian business and connecting with our global clients,” said Rennick.

Aiming to be a leader in the infrastructure sector in the Asia pacific region, the firm’s strategic opening of an Australian office aims to cement their existing Asian presence.

“The firm has an ambition to be leaders in its global sectors and the strategic view is that unless you are in Australia and in Asia in a serious way, it’s pretty difficult to achieve your ambition,” said Rennick.  “I hope we will achieve over the medium term that we’re seen as being a leading player in the infrastructure market in the region.”