Innovator assists law firms build their own robot lawyers

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The whiz Stanford student who created a robot lawyer which has successfully defeated millions of dollars in parking tickets has a new project to help law firms.
Joshua Browder is building a free tool that will enable law firms to create their own robot lawyers, a report from The Law Society Gazette revealed.
The 20-year-old British programmer made headlines earlier this year because of his DoNotPay service.
Through the service, users can interact with a chatbot, a program that systematically asks questions like a real person would to automatically draft parking ticket appeal document.
In June, Business Insider reported that the service had a success rate of 64% and last August, the free robot lawyer is said to have already successfully reversed US$4m in parking violation fees.
Not content with helping defeat parking tickets in London and New York, Browder expanded the capabilities of DoNotPay in August to help homeless people in the UK draft public housing claims.
The process used to help the homeless is similar to the process employed to draft parking ticket appeals.
Browder hopes that the success of the tools he’s helped bring to life can also be used by more people.
“I believe that a large number of legal documents can be automated, so I am building a tool that requires no technical knowledge to create a bot in exchange for a link back to the firm’s website,” he told the Gazette.
“This will enable me to expand the service from half a dozen bots to a thousand,” he added.
According to the publication, Browder has already been approached by several US law firms. He expects the same level of interest from UK firms.