How Ivan Milat drove me to law

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Five minutes with Nicola Johnson, Mills Oakley special counsel.
What made you decide to become a lawyer?
When I was 14, I observed a day of Ivan Milat’s criminal trial and was spellbound. I have always had an interest in true crime – which doesn’t really explain how I ended up being an Admin lawyer.
How long have you worked at Mills Oakley and what brought you to this position?
Two and a half years. I joined Mills Oakley with a team whom I have worked with for over 10 years, and together we started the first Government practice at Mills Oakley.
What’s the strangest case you’ve ever worked on/been involved with?
Let’s just say it involved a shared toothbrush, a lack of women’s clothing and a trip to the suburbs.
If you could invite three people for dinner, dead or alive and excluding family and friends, who would they be and why?
David Pocock, Alicia Keys, Heath Ledger – a great combination of intelligent, charismatic and thought provoking individuals!
You’re based in Sydney – where’s the best place to go for a drink and/or dinner after work?
The Rook. Go there early to get a table and before the lobster rolls sell out!
What’s the best piece of advice (work or personal) you’ve ever been given?
Continually get out of your comfort zone. Anything that is daunting and challenging now will become second nature soon enough!
Do you have any hobbies/interests outside of work?
Online shopping (Kate Spade), walking my pug Yogi, travelling to exotic places, hiking.
Complete this sentence: If I wasn’t a lawyer, I would be…
…..a sports reporter or player manager.
What do you think will be single biggest issue facing the legal space in Australia in 2016?
Continuing to recruit and retain great talent.
If you had Malcolm Turnbull’s job for one day, what would you do?
Think to myself: to hell with the factions and opinion polls, I’m going to do what I believe in!
What do you love about your job?
The camaraderie of my team and being able to work in an area of law that’s constantly changing and evolving.
What would you change about your job right now if you could?
Barista made coffee, delivered to my desk!