Hot List Interview with Brynn Gilbertson, Bell Gully

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Bell Gully partner and corporate law specialist, Kiwi Brynn Gilbertson, is so talented he made it into the Hot List for the magazine editions of both Australasian Lawyer and its sister publication NZ Lawyer.

He's had an eventful couple of years having been involved in major New Zealand projects, including working as part of the Bell Gully team assisting the Crown on the IPOs of power giants Mighty River Power and Meridian.

“I expect the next few years to continue to be interesting,” says Gilbertson. “Potentially there is a lot going on.  The growth in the economy in the last 12 months and the predicted future growth provides stability of earnings to New Zealand corporates and confidence for them to pursue growth initiatives.”

At the same time, he says, the construction phase of the Christchurch rebuild as a result of the earthquakes is getting underway. 

“The NZSX has also performed very well over the past 18 months, including for a number of new growth stocks which provides opportunities for companies seeking to raise capital. There is lot of regulatory reform being implemented and I am sure we will continue to see regulators being very pro-active.”

Aside from his involvement in the corporate legal sector, Gilbertson is also actively involved in charity and pro bono work.

“I am a member of Bell Gully’s pro-bono committee. ..As well as my committee work, I work with Diabetes Auckland, who recently have joined with the majority of other local Diabetes branches around New Zealand to form one unified organisation.”

Gilbertson and his wife have three sons and he says he spends much of his spare time supporting them at sporting events.

“Currently, their main sports include road cycling and skiing, which fortunately means less time on the sidelines and more time enjoying the sport with them.”