Free online legal chat service launched in SA

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A free ‘legal chat’ will be available to South Australians from today.

In an Australian first, the South Australian Legal Commission will provide free online lawyer consultations. The service will allow users to use an online chat window to interact with lawyers.

The launch follows high demand for the commission’s legal advice hotline, with 80,000 South Australians making calls to the hotline in last financial year alone.

“If they have a neighbourhood dispute or a fencing dispute, they can get on the legal chat line and quickly obtain information and links to downloadable information through our website without having to wait to speak to someone on a telephone advice line,” Chris Boundy, manager of access to services at the commission told the ABC.

People working in open-plan offices or under the age of 30 are more likely to gain advice if provided online, Boundy said the trial concluded.  He told the ABC that the online chat service would prevent people from waiting on the phone.

“Rather than talking on an open telephone line about something that may be troubling them, find it much more accessible and discreet to get on a legal chat and talk away in a dialogue sense through their computer and find out legal information that will assist them.”

The service will be available Monday to Friday during business hours.
  • Julie Williams on 22/07/2017 12:33:07 PM

    How do I protect myself from racial hate speech on Facebook, I have asked Facebook to help me and they have told me to block the person.

    This hasn't stop them publicly defacing me, the main issue is this person is the mother and ex of my husband of 5years. The were together for 19 years. There has been a lot of things said to and about me, but this time it was publicly done.

    I'm currently in Australia, my husband and I will be returning to Wales Thursday next week. I just don't want to be harassed by this person while I'm there! What can I do to protect myself?

    Kindest Regard's

  • alan coghlan on 7/07/2017 4:16:36 PM

    I rent an apartment in a resort on the gold coast. The apartment i rent is external through a real estate. The onsite managers are refusing to give me my mail and because body corperate give them my electricity bill i am being completly over charged with no way of challenging the bill. Any advice? This has being going on for 3months now

  • Jeanette on 21/04/2017 8:36:56 AM

    How and what do you need to do to drop a rape charge

  • Simar on 4/03/2017 5:49:21 PM

    Dear sir
    I want to know about 489 visa. My occupation is Tailoring which is in csol list. I have five years experience. My age is 37 years old and I have done bachelor degree in humanities. I have also one year diploma in Tailoring. The demand of this occupation is in Adelaide and my brother (pr) lives in Melbourne. Can he able to sponsor me or I need state sponsor to get 10 points. And one more thing do I get the 15 points of my bachelor degree or either 10 points of my diploma. Early response is really appreciated.

  • Anluise on 27/02/2017 3:19:17 PM

    if a woman concusses another with a baseball bat, in self defense, but that individual dies as a result of an unforeseen brain issue. can the original woman who attacked her be charges for grievous bodily harm and manslaughter?

  • Alex on 20/08/2016 5:43:08 PM

    I parked on someone's drive way by mistake. Received a call from a no caller id number and was told to move the car. I moved the car immediately and apologized a lot. She sai d it's ok. There was a 108 $ fine ticket on the car too+ scratch on the door. Can there be any more legal consequences for me?

  • david on 27/07/2016 12:17:09 PM

    hi im been convicted on a crime 7 years ago and served some time in prison. when i was released i applied for a drivers license and so on, but then i realized that actual name on my birth certificate is not what i was sentenced to in prison. so does this mean i have a clean history since they name which was served inst the name corresponding to my birth certificate and drivers license etc. if i say i am that person who went to prison is it committing fraud, since im actual not. im asking bc i want to apply for army and im not sure what to do ?

  • Julie on 26/05/2016 4:50:20 PM

    A break of lease situation, released bond in full for final settlement and now they are asking for more. Is there a charge for this?

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