Firm launches ‘pop-up’ office

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Herbert Smith Freehills is boosting the capacity of its global alternative legal services offering with a pop-up office in Perth.

Strategically located between time zones, the new pop-up office will take on the overflow work from the firm’s alternative legal service offering in Belfast which has reached its capacity.

“Our firm’s strategy has been to set up our own centre to do this sort of work because we can keep a better quality control and a very close relationship between what we call the instructing team,” managing partner of strategic implementation Patrick St John told Australasian Lawyer.

“Clients want a cheaper price but they also like the fact that we have this integrated team so it’s proving to be a very successful part of our business.”

The pop-up office, which the firm says is likely to be operational for around six months at least, has been tasked with part of a document review matter from the Belfast office, keeping it running on a 24 hour cycle. 

“It is evidence of how fast we respond to clients' needs in an agile, innovative and cost-effective way – while maintaining the Herbert Smith Freehills quality experience,” said Global Head of Alternative Legal Services, Libby Jackson.

“To be able to provide this service under one umbrella - on a truly global basis with no gaps in process, timing or quality - really highlights Herbert Smith Freehills’ steadfast focus on delivering client-focused service solutions.”

St John, who was appointed managing partner of strategic implementation in September, said it’s the move is an example of the firm’s focus on delivering on client feedback.

“My role going forward is to take those ideas and actually make them a reality,” he said.

“It’s nice to actually have a project ticked off like this one.”