Firm announces massive expansion to beat disruptors

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McInnes Wilson is expanding its Queensland and New South Wales footprint, as part of a strategy to combat the threat of insourcing by in-house teams and outsourcing by larger firms.

Chairman Paul Tully said the firm strongly believes that middle-market firms will continue to add value to their clients.

“We still believe there is an opportunity for legal businesses to provide legal advice at a good price and for good value in the middle there,” he told Australasian Lawyer.

“We don’t believe that disrupters are going to disrupt our business.”

The firm announced yesterday that new offices will open in Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide this month, with a particular focus on government, education and insurance.

“The opening of new offices across three capital cities is not only an important step towards achieving a national presence, it also enables the firm to grow its capabilities and provide better value services to meet our clients’ needs and expectations,” Tully said.

“A lot of international firms are expanding and coming into the Australian market and for us, we can provide legal services to that market at a better price and for better value.”

McInnes Wilson is a Queensland firm, with offices in Brisbane, Maroochydore and the Gold Coast.  It first expanded into NSW in 2013, opening up its doors in Sydney and Parramatta.

“Expansion means the firm will be able to better utilise its wealth of experience in a broad range of specialised legal services; providing a more comprehensive, accessible and valuable service to its interstate and international clients,” Tully said.

“While our roots lie in insurance law, McInnes Wilson is a full service firm and the Canberra, Adelaide and Melbourne teams will maintain the firm’s well-known insurance expertise while also focusing on other areas of practice.”