Firm announces exclusive Legal Forecast partnership

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Janders Dean has announced an exclusive partnership with not-for-profit The Legal Forecast, an organisation that seeks to facilitate innovation in firms and law students with programs like hackathons.

“We will be working with TFL team to help them in a number of ways - including helping them secure funding from corporate sponsors and future partners from both the law firm area and other areas such as the technology industry,” North told Australasian Lawyer.

The partnership includes the appointment of firm founder Justin North to the organisation’s advisory board, to mentor the leadership team and help to grow the organisation’s presence.  Currently based in Brisbane, The Legal Forecast will look to expand to Sydney, Canberra and Perth in early 2017.
“We also strongly believe in giving back to emerging organisations, and we have always tried to help smaller vendors and companies as they enter the legal market,” North said.

The organisation recently hosted a Disrupting Law event, supported by a number of firms where 70 students and lawyers came together pitching ideas with the potential to impact the legal industry.  It will look to host events raising awareness for mental health in the industry as the organisation grows.

“The intersection of innovation and law is not just about buzzwords and billing practices.  It's about finding new and affordable ways to provide legal help to those who need it most in our community” said The Legal Forecast founder Milan Gandhi.

“There are few that have demonstrated their true understanding of this, while also taking action to drive and support real change in the industry, with Janders Dean being one of the leaders of the few.
“We’re looking forward to this partnership and working together with Justin and the team.”