Federal Court dissmisses landmark piracy case

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The Federal Court has dismissed the attempts of the Dallas Buyers Club LLC to access the details of thousands of illegal downloaders.

Dallas Buyers Club had originally been granted access to the personal details of around 4000 iiNet account holders who had been accused of sharing the film.  

But Justice Perram put a stay on the order until he was confident that the studio would appropriately use the information. In particular he wanted to avoid the company from speculatively invoicing.  

Back in August, Dallas Buyers Club proposed sending a letter and a telephone call where they would ask for personal details, including salary, and seek damages, which the court rejected.

Today they failed to bring an appropriate solution and Perram dismissed the case against iiNet, in a landmark ruling on movie piracy in Australia, Business Insider reported.

"What I will do is make a self-executing order which will terminate the proceedings on Thursday 11 February 2016 at noon, unless DBC takes some step before then," Perram said in his ruling.