Cunneen hints at ICAC conspiracy to sabotage her judicial appointment

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NSW deputy senior prosecutor Margaret Cunneen has lashed out at ICAC, hinting at a politically motivated conspiracy to stop her being appointed judge.

In an interview with the Australian Financial Review, Cunneen slammed the commission, saying their staff are people who “have failed everywhere else”.
“They're out of control, these people,” she said of ICAC.

“This whole thing has to be completely destroyed.  It should be part of the police.”

The Daily Telegraph today reported today that ICAC paid more than $180,000 fighting Cunneen.

ICAC is now refusing to pay Cunneen’s legal fees of $230,000 after the High Court blocked an investigation into whether Cunneen, her son and his girlfriend, attempted to pervert the course of justice after a car accident back in 2014, the commission saying it's prepared to pay just $138,000.  She has yet to lodge her legal fees for the watchdog’s unsuccessful high court appeal against her, which ICAC has pledged to pay.

Cunneen accused commissioner Megan Latham of asking the Crime Commission for material that would bury her. 

“The Commissioner has never had any contact with any member of the relevant federal agency in relation to this matter,” said a spokesperson from ICAC.

Latham faces questioning later in February over the investigation, after it was declared unlawful by ICAC Inspector David Levine.

“The whole thing is a total attempt to annihilate what they think is a very political conservative, when I was told I had a chance to be a Supreme Court judge,” Cunneen told the AFR.