Cunneen accuses ICAC officers of taking information without warrant

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Margaret Cunneen has filed a complaint against two ICAC inspectors who she claims re-enacted the seizure of her mobile phone after allegedly taking it without a search warrant.

The inspectors Paul Grainger and Tim Fox are also being sued by the Obeid family, The Australian revealed yesterday.

According to the complaint, Cunneen’s phone was seized by Sharon Loder and Fox under a ‘notice to produce’, which is normally used by ICAC to request documents.  But Fox then returned to her home a week later with Grainger and allegedly recorded taking her phone (at which point she claims ICAC had possessed for over a week).

David Levine, an ICAC inspector and former judge, is currently investing Cunneen’s allegations.

The Australian reported that the video is not publically available and that ICAC has declined to meet any requests for comment.

The Obeid family also mentioned Fox and Grainger in their complaint against ICAC, alleging that the inspectors led a raid of their offices and filmed documents relating to private loan agreements which they claim was outside the scope of ICAC’s search warrant.

The ICAC officers have strongly denied the accusation of misfeasance in public office, according to The Australian.

The reports come just months after Cunneen  publically criticised the commission and revealed that her son and his girlfriend may sue ICAC over the way the couple was treated in an investigation into allegations the prosecutor had tried to pervert the course of justice. 

  • Suzana Adad on 28/10/2015 10:12:26 AM

    After what I saw the Law Society of NSW Council do a couple of weeks ago at the local court when they gave advice, attended Court and drafted and filed documents on behalf of a member of the public, and by doing so, it was crystal clear to me that they intended to stand in the shoes of the member of the public against a struck off solicitor barrister, I have no doubt they are just as mischievous as ICAC. What is not clear is why they went to such secret lengths. What was partially clear to me is that it had something to do with protecting their Tribunal matter they ran against the solicitor and smelled of SERIOUS MISTAKE. The solicitor was so angry she personally introduced the attending Law Society people to the Registrar.
    As for me I could not believe what I was hearing. It turned my stomach and I have since made a decision not to renew my membership of the Law Society.

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