Corrs gets gender-equality nod for 11th consecutive year

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For the 11th consecutive year, Corrs Chambers Westgarth has been awarded the Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s (WGEA) citation for its commitment to and leadership in achieving gender equality.

The firm has been given the 2017-18 “Employer of Choice for Gender Equality” award. This is the fourth consecutive year the firm has brought home the prize. It also previously won the award’s predecessor – the WGEA’s “Equal Opportunity for Women in in the Workplace” award – for seven consecutive years.

The awards are based on an organisation’s leadership, learning and development, gender remuneration gaps, flexible working and other initiatives to support family responsibilities, employee consultation, preventing sex-based harassment and discrimination, and targets for improving gender equality outcomes.

“Ensuring a diverse and equitable workplace in which everyone can develop to their full potential, benefits our people, our clients, and the firm,” said John W.H. Denton AO, Corrs CEO.

He said his and the firm’s commitment to gender equality is “unwavering.”

“Gender equality and diversity are not just ethical issues, they are key to driving a successful and healthy business and, in the case of Corrs, ensuring we attract and retain talented people of any gender,” Denton said. “Maintaining and encouraging a diverse, equitable, inclusive and open-minded work environment is not something we take for granted. We are constantly working to encourage flexibility and the well-being of our people to make Corrs an inspiring workplace in which collaboration, learning, and knowledge sharing thrive.”

Corrs regularly provides diversity training, as well as consults with employees and study the firm’s pay data to spot and address pay gaps.  The firm’s gender equality strategy also features the firm’s “Flexibility@Corrs” program, which makes flexible work a standard business practice for all employees.

“Our vision is a generous, supportive and inclusive culture which fosters and sustains a diverse, engaged and high-performing workforce,” said partner Heidi Roberts, who heads the firm’s diversity and inclusion efforts.


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