Clifford Chance pilots video game to test trainees

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Allie Sanchez

Innovation may come in the form of a lifestyle staple of a millennial, after all.

Clifford Chance graduate recruitment manager Jackie Trench told reporters that the firm is “looking at innovative ways to update our processes and make sure we’re always getting the best possible candidates” to explain the pilot rollout of a video game intended to evaluate trainee applicants.

A spokesperson for the firm further said that it has always employed psychometric testing to sift through the armada of applicants who aspire to be trainees at Clifford Chance. It is continuously refining the process as it ditched verbal reasoning tests in favour of critical reasoning a couple of years ago, for instance.

These tests are intended to evaluate and predict a trainee’s performance on the job as they face such challenges as problem solving, evidence evaluations, and making inferences, abstractions and generalisations.

Clifford Chance’s recent move to use the video game software comes as more law firms look at how they recruit and support their most junior lawyers.

“There have been no changes to way we recruit our trainees. We are fully focused on finding the best quality candidates and there are many tools on the market to assist firms to do this,” the spokesperson asserted to explain the rollout of the game.”

“We are asking for feedback on an accredited psychometric test in the form of a game, which could offer unique insight into candidates’ decision making abilities – it is not part of our current recruitment process therefore the results of the tests are for feedback purposes only and will have no impact on whether a candidate is successful,” the spokesperson added.

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