Clayton Utz takes precautions over malware scare

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A leading Australian law firm has issued a warning to clients over emails that have been co-opting well-known legal brands in the UK for shady purposes.

Clayton Utz says an international cybercrime campaign has been deliberately using well-known law firm names based in the UK to send malware via email.

The firm said it was taking action to ensure that its own systems were not in any way compromised, and that the activity was in the process of being investigated.

Clayton Utz said that anyone who receives an email from a firm that does not appear legitimate should immediately delete it.

The firm said the subject lines of such emails might include:

• Notice of appearance in court WA#{random numbers}'
• ‘Hearing of your case in Court No#{random numbers}'
• ‘Urgent court notice N0#[random number of typically 4 or 5 digits].

Law firms in general have been named by some cyber security commentators as one of the “weakest links” in the chain when it comes to the protection of confidential data.