Chief Justice expected to resign amidst growing tension

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The Queensland Chief Justice looks set to resign with tensions building among senior members of the state’s judiciary. 

In a statement released this week, the Chief Justice said that he would resign on the condition that the Government undertake a reform agenda, including the introduction of a judicial commission, the details of which he will reveal at a press conference scheduled for this Friday.

 The statement indicated that Carmody believes a campaign to force him out is in play by those who are resisting change, but that he believed his resignation would be in the best interest of Queenslanders.

“I am willing to resign on just terms, not for them, not because of them, but to break the impasse.  Those resistant to change and modernisation have made it their primary goal to force me out, seemingly at all costs,” the statement said.  These recent revelations shine light on serious cultural and structural problems within the judiciary.  These problems had their origins and were festering long before I was appointed to bring in needed reforms.”

Justice Carmody’s new role has been far from smooth sailing since his appointment by the Newman government just 10 months ago, with the state’s second highest judge, Court of Appeal President Justice Margaret McMurdo publicly refusing to sit with him on any cases.

He is currently on a month’s sick leave for a bad back, a decision for which he has been heavily criticised by some members of the legal community.