Barry.Nilsson. elevates seven-strong all-women group

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Barry.Nilsson. has announced the promotion of seven women in the firm.

On 1 January, Anna Clarke (insurance and health, Brisbane) and Cindy Ting (insurance & health, Adelaide) will commence as special counsel. Georgia Hancy (insurance & health, Perth) and Sarah Hull (insurance & health, Brisbane) will become senior associates. Amelia Beveridge (family, Melbourne), Lauren Marx (insurance & health, Melbourne), and Reena Dandan (insurance & health, Melbourne) have been named as the firm’s three newest associates.

The end-of-year appointments recognise excellence in client service and reflect the firm’s commitment to diversity and equity, said the firm’s Don Leembruggen.

“As a 55-year-old firm, we understand more than most the importance of challenging traditional work norms and the need to embrace diversity and equity in today’s modern world,” he said. “For some time now we have embraced flexible working arrangements to enable us to take advantage of the pool of enormously talented practitioners who might otherwise have been lost to the legal fraternity. These individuals have shown an exceptional work ethic, technical ability and teamwork, and they should be recognised for their outstanding contribution to Barry.Nilsson.”

Barry.Nilsson. completed its national rollout last year, growing from a Brisbane firm to a national firm with more than 290 staff, including 28 principals, in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Hobart.

“If we are to continue to grow and prosper as a national firm, we need to create a professional environment that recognises and rewards hard work and ability,” Leembruggen said. ““We have invested time and resources in creating an environment that makes our people happy to come to work and we are proud of our firm’s very low staff turnover.”